Leif Cocks' Latest Book: Finding Our Humanity

Leif Cocks' Latest Book: Orangutans. My Cousins, My Friends

Finding Our Humanity

In Finding Our Humanity Leif Cocks shares an uncommon journey into what the great apes, our tribal past, conservation and a more philosophical approach to life can teach us about our humanity. With insights on the evolution of the ape-human mind and our shared natural and cultural histories, this book presents an alternative perspective and deeper understanding of how we view our place in the world and what it means to be truly human.

Combining science, philosophy and the real life stories of both ape and human beings, it also offers a compelling case for a shift in how we see, think and act in the world. A shift which could change the future for not just ourselves, but for all living beings. Fascinating and enlightening, the book points to the practical ways in which we, as individuals and collectively, can transcend our natural and cultural histories to create a higher understanding, happiness and connection with nature.

Perhaps just as importantly Finding Our Humanity follows The Orangutan Project's journey to protect and conserve the orangutans, our natural environment and support the welfare of our fellow living beings…and how you can too.

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