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Let's re-define giving – starting off by giving gifts that rejuvenate and add value to our world, rather than items that drain its resources. We've got you covered with a range of exciting gifts that are unique and unforgettable. Simply select the gifts that suit your loved ones and download your beautiful gift card to print and fold at home!

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As soon as you've made your choice and your order is complete you'll be able to decide if you want to email the certificate(s) directly to your loved one acknowledging you as the Generous Gift Giver or, if you prefer, email it to yourself so you can print it and give it to them in person.

  • Finding Our Humanity

    For the Bookworm

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    Leif’s Latest Book

    In Amazon best-seller Finding Our Humanity Leif Cocks shares an uncommon journey into what the great apes, our tribal past, conservation and a more philosophical approach to life can teach us about our humanity.

    £12.45 (Pricing excludes delivery.)

  • The Gift of Food

    The Gift of Food

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    Your gift to keep them healthy!

    This gift provides fresh, nutritious food for orangutans in our rescue centres, keeping them healthy and well-fed! The food you provide will replicate more than 200 plant species found in their surrounding forest, helping ex-captive, rehabilitated orangutans recognise the foods they need to stay strong and healthy when they make it back to the jungle.

  • Your Gift to Keep Them Safe

    Your Gift to Keep Them Safe

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    Support a 24-hour jungle patrol!

    Your gift supports a 24 hour patrol by our Wildlife Protection Units, helping protect Sumatran orangutans, tigers and elephants in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem. This gift also creates local, sustainable jobs so young people don’t have to work for the palm oil industry!

  • The Gift of Guardianship

    The Gift of Guardianship

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    Help provide a whole year of Jungle Schooling for orphaned Mary!

    Two year old Mary was rescued in February 2019, she’d been kept for several months in a small, dark wooden box, the ‘owners’ claiming she’d been found on the side of the road. Mary is now safe at the COP Borneo Rescue Centre and you can help support her through jungle school! Mary is still very young, and will need to spend many years learning the survival skills her mother should have had a chance to teach her.

  • The Gift to Protect Habitat

    The Gift to Protect Habitat

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    Protect precious jungle!

    This gift protects 28 acres of jungle in central Sumatra, creating a vital sanctuary for Critically Endangered Sumatran orangutans, tigers and elephants. To be of high conservation value we need to lease and manage forest that adjoins existing protected areas, creating vast corridors where precious wildlife can thrive.

  • The Gift of Safe Sleeping

    The Gift of Safe Sleeping

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    Teach a rescued orangutan how to build nests with a nesting pod!

    A nesting pod will help young orangutans learn to make nests off the ground. In the wild there are tigers and other predators about and a nest in the canopy is the safest place to be at night. Nesting pods give these young orangutans the chance to practice their nest building skills in the safety of their care centre with leaves and branches off the floor.

  • The Gift of Toys

    The Gift of Toys

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    Give a big bundle of enrichment toys so rescued orangutans can learn vital skills!

    A fabulous toy bundle to keep young, energetic orangutans active includes tyres, barrels and swings. Toys and activities replicate some of the challenges they will find in the wild, training and equipping the orangutans with invaluable skills for moving through the jungle canopies and surviving in the jungle.

  • The Gift of Strength

    The Gift of Strength

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    Give 100 metres of rubber rope so young orangutans can learn to swing and climb!

    100 metres of flexible rubber rope for orangutan strength training will increase the strength of the orangutans and equip them with skills that are invaluable when moving through the jungle canopies in the wild. Orangutans love climbing and playing on these ropes at the care centres we support.

  • The Gift of Jungle School

    The Gift of Jungle School

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    Support five young orangutans through jungle school for one year!

    Jungle School will help teach orangutans how to make a nightly nest up in the canopies away from tigers and other predators, how to recognise and forage for different types of food and other skills necessary to survive in the wild. While their mum would usually teach them these skills, our highly successful Jungle School has had great success in preparing our orphans for their eventual release.

  • Be a Guardian Angel

    Be a Guardian Angel

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    Give all the support an orphaned orangutan needs for one whole year!

    This will provide full care for an orphaned orangutan for one year. This includes nutritious food, medical costs and will also contribute to the wages of the dedicated staff who look after these youngsters that have no mum to take care of them.